African Round Market Basket

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This is the classic single handle round market basket from Ghana, Africa. They are double woven elephant grass, hand dyed colors that are boiled into the grasses.  From picking the grass, to packing the water, making a fire to boil the water on, and boiling the colors into the basket grasses every step is authentic and done with skill.

It takes the people 3 full days to weave one basket and BabaTree Basket Company is beyond fair trade.  They have a home there that people come to weave and share patterns and help each other.  They are paid A LOT per basket compared to any other company, and due to the sales in stores around the world their lives have been impacted very positively since BabaTree moved its headquarters there from Vancouver BC.

Younger children get a couple dollars each for applying leather to the handles.

Your basket is made to last 20 years, and then compost once its has lived its life!  We use this style all the time for our main bag to and from work, in the grocery stores, to yoga classes and to school. It packs a lot of weight without deforming it, and if you need to reshape it simply dip in water and press it into the shape you want and let it dry overnight

You will NOT get the basket in the picture, you are buying the size and style.  You can call the shop to ask for colors you like, and we can work with you to get one you like, but since they are handmade they are super unique and we have never in 18 years ever seen the exact same color and pattern!!!

So know with your purchase you are supporting peoples skills, art, and lifestyle PLUS you are getting a truly one of a kind bag that no one else will have!

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