Choose your own adventure!

Choose your own adventure!

This analogy may help ease anxiety by helping you see life as a book, with many alternative endings.

Choose Your Own Adventure


Life is like this now you know, like a Nancy drew novel from the 90’s where you choose your own adventure.  Each chapter ends with 3 choices, and depending on what one you choose, determines which chapter you read next.  Your ending is potentially different then my ending!  Your journey filled with different experiences then mine, even though we are reading the same book.


This simple yet profound experience is 100% relatable to now. We are collectively co-creating a grand adventure on earth.  We all resonate with the capacity to create reality, and what information we take into our being spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically formulate a pulsing sphere within - that has the power to generate a reality that consists of that particular matrix of vibrations.  It is not as simple as reading, seeing and believing one thing and then bam – you manifest it. 


It is much more fluid and responsive.  As a collective humanity, our power lays within, and that within connects energetically to others who are vibrating at a similar dynamic reality.  Thus those who experience, study, believe, speak, and do the same sort of things tend to find each other online or in person, and then form groups and collectives.  This co-creative component to living is what really gets the motor humming!  You can quickly find yourself proving that you are right!   That the world is the way you think it is, that things show up just as you expect them to. 


In other words, you are choosing your own adventure, by the chapters end there is a crew of you that agree to selecting choice A and thus you all go on to read page 237!  Proving to yourselves that this was going to turn out the way you said it would, and of course, you are all right!  That is the magical thing about life on planet earth.  We are always all right.  No one is wrong. 


A completely differently resonating group of individuals reading the same book may have all decided to choose option B and went on to read page 198 and thus for all of them, they were all right!  And the adventure turned out as they had expected it might.


We are asking you to consider where the story book came from?  Who really wrote it?  Did it come from the mind and heart of one person?  Or was it divinely inspired?  Realize that it is only one book that belongs to a big best-selling series!!!


The stories go on without end, life eternal.  Time is not a limited commodity, we have so much of it.  Many of us choosing this life right now came to earth knowing that we were only halfway through that book, and that rebirth was choice C if you will, and that we got to go to page 216 and continue on!  People that chose option A after death went on to another realm and picked up on page 516 for instance!  We are all cut from the same cloth, eternal creator beings of intense light and beauty.  Free will allows us all to choose our own adventure, and there are some collective parameters that we all agree to, so that we can communicate and get on the same page so to speak.  This means it is crucial at this time to let people read their own story, craft their own experience, and wait until you are at the end of the chapter to see what the options are moving forward. 


People have too much anxiety right now, trying to figure out what to do, where to go, what will happen. We urge you to just read the next line.  Just stay with the story.  It is fascinating!  Take time to breath, to enjoy your surroundings, to feel into your body and listen to what it has to say to you.  Too many of us are physically unwell right now, myself included.  This chronic devaluation of the body in favor of the mind, has led us down a pathway where we find ourselves at the end of a chapter and we get to choose A (take 100% responsibility for the state of your health and change it for the better? Go to page 27) or choose B (blame others, continue to suffer, and hunt for a doctor or expert to solve your issues. Go on to read page 43).  It is kind of that simple! 


If you can image this book in your hands and remove yourself slightly from your life story it can give you the higher perspective that Jesus the master talked about.  Remember hearing the story that he suggested you cannot solve a problem from the same level it was created?  That you need to rise up above it and choose from a point of power?  This is what the book visualization does!


It allows you to process all of the choices of the day, the moment, and track your progress thus far.  Perhaps you are 39 years old, and on book 4 in the series.  You are on page 39 and it’s the end of the chapter and you have 3 choices.  Move away to a new city and start over… go to page 43.  Take your parents up on that offer to build a cabin on their property in the woods… go to page 62.  Or stay right where you are and do nothing… continue to page 44.  You see we can all do this!  It is actually pretty fun! 


I used to love reading every single option and finishing the book from all the combinations of choices and it would absolutely delight me when I found a common pattern, where certain different choices would give me the same outcome!  I LOVED THAT.  To discover that no matter if I chose A or B that eventually they led to the same outcome.  That might have annoyed other readers, but as a lover of synchronistic events, that tickled me.  To think that the clues could lead Nancy Drew to solve the mystery even if she made different choices. 


This key part for me, means that as you choose your own adventure, and move through your book of life you need not fear that you will miss out, or make the wrong decision.  It means that you can fully indulge in the chose that you fancy in the moment knowing FULL WELL that they universe has your best interest at heart.  It is not trying to trick you into taking a wrong turn!  Oh, I remember sometimes in those books where you would choose option C and then she would get to the end of a locked hallway and was trapped… and it said retrace your steps and go back to page 16.  It was kind of intriguing, wasn’t it?  You didn’t beat yourself up for choosing C, didn’t think oh my god I’m so stupid I should have known! It just builds suspense, it helps you map out in your mind what lies down every corridor, it helps you fully explore the house you are in.  That is okay, isn’t it?  You can think of relationships that ended and jobs that failed and towns that you moved to sort of like this long hallway with a locked door.  The universe says, ok there you are, this is as far as your journey for option C goes!  TIME TO CHOOSE AGAIN… weeeee .. make it fun!  Make it light!  Make it beautiful. 


Drop the drama and trauma.  Your body is suffering because of it.  Did you know that your thoughts and emotions manifest into your physical?  So, if you are in chronic pain, guess what??  Your thoughts and feelings are chronically painful.  If you are overweight, guess what??  Your thoughts and feelings are weighed down by too much empathy for things that you can not control.  You need to let it go.  You need to end the chapter and say hey!  I’m going to choose option B where I meet a fun carefree girl that offers to take me on a vacation for free!  And I’m going!!  Bye bye previous life complications.  I’m lifting off and heading to page 348 and going to see what adventures lie ahead for me. 


I think too often we feel like we need to stick it out and see it through, even if it is way past time to close that book!  If you’re not enjoying it, stop reading it!  That simple.  There is a whole bookstore full of novels that you may prefer!!  If you are reading a documentary about the end of the world and it doesn’t make you feel good.  Put it down.  Dogear the page you’re on, so you can go back to it.  And pick up a comedy maybe?  Pick up an inspiring documentary about a person that overcame their challenges and helped thousands!  Or pick up a romance novel!  Drop into the amazing arousal of flirtations and connection that your soul may be yearning for.


The massive point here is not to ignore reality.  Reality exists in all books, in all chapters and in all choices of where to go next.  Reality is BIG my friends.  It is all encompassing!!!  There is no single hold on reality, its everyone’s to play within (or suffer through).


The point is that you can only create and have in life what you resonate with.  So, you need to become more masterful and slowing the roll on negativity and unhelpful thoughts, feelings and emotions that are creating unhealthy results in your body and spilling over into your life.  You need to just stop it.  Put the book down.  Go for a walk.  Make a nice meal.  Pet your dog.  Call someone who is POSITIVE not negative.


You need to insert that multiple choice chapter ending at each instance where you can feel yourself sliding downwards.  And simply imagine 3 things that you can do (2 different and 1 the same) and thus you can allow yourself all the compassion and freedom it desires and deserves.  You can move your life forward masterfully and start shifting yourself in a balanced and manageable way towards a brighter future. 


Do not ever believe that you are a victim, that you have no power.  This is a very bad lie to believe in.  You always have the power.  You can read whatever book you want.  You can close your eyes and read none.  You can pick up a pen and write your own as I have done.  Life is meant to be fun.  Exhilarating even!  Everything is laid out Infront and behind and all around us, many many choices in each instant.  Much more then 3 really, because if you think of it.  There is so many different states of mind and emotional complexities that we can be in when we are doing one simple task, like driving to work.  We can make that an inspiration or a drudgery.  We can arrive at work having listened to our favorite few songs or ingesting a life changing podcast.  Or we can arrive totally ticked off and exasperated because our tank was low on fuel, someone cut us off, the news was terrible blasting on CBC… you get my point!


All this to say, I love you so very much.  And I don’t even need to know you to say that, and have it be true.  The reason this can be so, is that so many of us have similar experiences, we are all so bonded even thought we might not get a chance to realize it.  It nevertheless is so true.  I have been blessed to own a metaphysical shop for 15 years, and believe me when I say, everyone notices the shifts that are happening, and we are all spiritual and we are all tuned in!  The only thing is, so many of us are isolated.  We do not know that we are having a common experience as there are not many forums around to share our inner thoughts. 


So many people love being able to talk about deep inner thoughts and feeling and insights with me, they don’t have others surrounding them, where they actually can be themselves fully.  I am able to connect with customers and talk about what they want to talk about, that is the freedom of entering into a good metaphysical store.  It should be a place where you can unwind and drop into the center of who you are.  Where you can relax and soak up that positive crystalline energy and healing conversations.  It’s a time to connect with yourself a little deeper and see your inner perfection.  And if you feel like you want to take some things home with you, and start treating yourself by having space in your own home where you get to connect with yourself deeper, where you get to unwind and relax into your god given beauty, then that is where the staff come in.  They can intuitively help you take the best things home that are going to support your journey.


Wishing you peace within, and more opportunities each day to love and appreciate your beautiful self more.  Remember to fill your own bucket with love, as it is the only love that is truly unconditional. Let’s start writing a better ending!


The Crystal Woman