crystal use

crystal use

how to get the most out of your new crystal

All of my crystals are hand selected by me, a crystal intuitive, to make sure we have activated positive healing energy stones that go out to all of our customers.  The crystals that you will buy here are ethically sourced to the best of our knowledge, and live in a giant pyramid showroom on a small BC island until I go buy them for you! 

Quartz amplifys all intentions that you hold while in its proximity, so it is the only crystal that I suggest to be used with intelligence, and commitment to personal growth and meditation.  If you are having a bad day, and want to stay unconscious about it and complain.. leave your crystals at home.  But if you notice your falling victim to your bad day, and you have the power to choose again, then pick up this little buddy and ask it to raise your frequency beyond the drama, and ask it to help you connect to your own true source of love, gratitude, truth, and freedom from stress and worry.  I guarentee this will make you feel better - even though life circumstances will be the same around you - inside, you will feel better. 

A great pairing with this practice is palo santo.. i have found it to be the most powerful emotional/mental cleanser of any smudge products.  We also sell it in the store.

Many blessings, and happy crystal hunting!  May your collection grow with your wisdom and compassion.