Crystals for Covid19

Crystals for Covid19

Crystals for Covid-19 part ONE


Are you looking everywhere for crisis relief?  Praying for your crumbling life to not TOTALLY fall apart?


Are you turning to the government, businesses, community, and medical system for emergency responses to this global covid-19 pandemic.  If you are, please let us expect the best, not the worst from them.  I know for the likes of us, we are used to falling between the cracks in the system.. so please join me in re-training my mind to BELIEVE in the most benevolent outcome... just like Rose Quartz would have us do. 


If you have been hunting for alternative crisis support, to understand what is happening, David Wilcock and his network of insiders are are doing an amazing job!  And I can support you with crystal and spiritual support, feel free to ask me questions through Facebook.


I fully deem crystals as an essential resource for your recovery even though our world is deeming then non-essential.  If you are resonating to the higher frequencies, you will be like me and not leave home without one (or ten)


What should you buy if you don't have a crystal collection already at home?




Front Line Crystalline " FIRST RESPONDER"


Raw Rose Quartz


ROSE QUARTZ - Rose Quartz powers up your heart chakra creating a magical shield of soft loving forgiving pink peaceful energy all around you.  You can use its power to amplify healing and broadcast your best wishes for our world up to 5 feet all around you!  Simply by carrying Rose Quartz along with you in public you are doing an energetic service to lift everyone up a little. 


Rose will strengthen your outlook, it will help your brain reset on prayerful intentions like these four powerful lines from the ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho'oponopono.  It is used in the releasing of karmic residue by admitting the error, asking for forgiveness, giving thanks for the forgiveness and then saying the heartfelt words “I love you.”


I am sorry

Please Forgive me

Thank you

I love you


Every time you worry, say this as a salve to heal your emotional wounds.  You can chant this to every body part that hurts or any physical condition you are not happy about.  When you meditate if thought keep interfering and circulating.. it has come up for resolution.. use this magical formula and it will cease fire! 


Rose Quartz is a vital energetic tool that will help you through this crisis and the fall out that will come for months afterwards. 


It stands for Unconditional Love with no strings attached, the kind we rarely - if ever - get to experience.  This crystal will imbue you with it, so you know what it feels like to have total self love and appreciation.  From this point of attraction, you will EFFORTLESSLY find the financial relief articles and stay calm during the wait periods to sign up.  


Rose Quartz also vibes with INFINITE peace... not temporary relief from what is troubling us.. those brief moments where everything is perfect.  This is the kind of peace that originates from deep within you, where you totally trust the divine plan and know that the universe has your back.  Rose Quartz knows this.. and like any best friend, it will lend you this faith and power. Simplify match its vibration and you will automatically help by sending peace out to those around you. 


From this place of peace and acceptance, you will magically draw to you a community of healthy people and situations.  You will emerge BETTER and STRONGER and HAPPIER after this pandemic then you were before.. it is stripping away the things we didn't like but were too busy to address.  It is helping us heal our relationships (like rose quartz does) and sometimes that looks like divorce, and sometimes it looks like deeper commitment. 


" It is time to follow your heart, do what is best for your Soul Purpose.. let the social pressure of fitting in or keeping up fall away; and emerge out of this crisis more true to your calling then ever before!"


Stay tuned for the next crystal healer, that will support you unconditionally during this time.  If you do not have any Rose Quartz and want to get some, CLICK HERE


Rose Quartz Blessings

The Crystal Woman