Crystals of 2022

Crystals of 2022

Lets take a look at some of the most beneficial stones for 2022!

Well, let's see, shall we? 

We are just emerging out of 2021 and 2 years of constant stress and uncertainty.  Worry, fear, paranoia all flooding our delicate systems with foul vibrations!  Adrenaline spikes from fighting with coworkers, friends, and family, strangers on the street even!  It's been a year where we empaths just wanted to bury our head under the covers and never emerge quite honestly!

Not to mention the complete covid takeover of all things social media!  It feels surreal like nothing else matters hey?  Like thank GOD there are still a million funny and cute pet videos or none of us would have survived!! 

Well also, since its the theme of the post, we have to thank God/Goddess and mother earth and the beautiful crystal spirits for some of our best friends in the world that didn't even breathe a word to us about COVID-19... our crystals!

YUP, that is true, they are our friends!  Our crystals have personalities, need, and wants.  Sometimes they call out to you to pick them up, put them in your pocket before you go out of the house!  Those beings are shared to live without in my opinion.  I never used to leave the house without gemstone jewelry of some kind and a stone in my pocket or purse.  AND it's still a rare occasion if I do so.

One of the biggest benefits of owning a crystal shop is meeting the amazing crystal wholesalers, going to the shows, and getting to buy personal pieces straight from the boxes and shipping cans that they came in.  You in some cases as a store owner and the 2nd or 3rd person to ever touch that crystal! 

You can feel this magical connection from its heart to your heart when it's meant for you, I can guarantee that!  So as a shopper with us, you would potentially be the 4th or 5th person to ever touch it!  Still so magical if you think about it hey!  That stone came all the way around the world to sit in your hand, and emblazon you with its love and protection!

TOP 5 2022 CRYSTAL FRIENDS that you won't want to live without!

  1. Rose Quartz!  Now this stone was sold out for 1/2 of 2021 and there is still not much of it around!  LUCKILY you probably have a few pieces laying around.  I would personally suggest buying jewelry so that you can live in this stone for 2022. You need it's unconditional love and forgiveness.  You need its soft calming aura clearing to strip away the stress!  You can gaze into its soft translucent pink hue and connect with your own tenderness and turn towards humanity's shared vision for peace.
  2. Shungite the ancient grand daddy for protection!  You absolutely have to get some shungite if you don't have it.  I have no idea if our shop has some left, but I can guarantee you that we order it every single time we buy stones!  Royal Shungite in particular is the kind you can place in your water.  You can buy a bracelet or pendant and have it with you always.  Shungite is one of the only scientifically proven stones to have a magnitude to healing potential, look into it and I am sure you will seek some out to own. 
  3. Opalite the coveted manmade stone by the children!  Kids have an impeccable radar for positive healing energy, for joy and love, and light.  Kids rarely leave the shop without some opalite.  That for me trumps the purist philosophy that it isn't real therefore it is bad!  Opalite is known to fill all the holes in your auric field so it protects you from leaking energy and from being drained by those around you.  It is an excellent companion for people that are still working and seeing the public on a daily basis.  
  4. Sodalite defiantly makes the top 5!  It is the stone of truth and protector and activator of the throat chakra.  I would suggest that any and all blue stones will be your biggest friends this year.  It is time for us to speak our truth and stand up for what we believe in.  It is time to shape the world in the best light of truth and compassion, of health and wellness.  It takes great courage to stand up for what you believe when it is opposite to the agenda and the mass adoption, but hey... it's what you came here for friend, and that chunk of sodalite is going to give you a boost every time you need it without fail!
  5. Jade is the best heart chakra crystal for love, luck, prosperity that we could have ever been blessed with. If you don't have Jade - you simply need it.  You can pick up a tumbled stone for around $4 so even a child can afford it, and trust me they do!  If you are new to stones, come into the store for a bit and see what the kids flock to.. they just know what we need at the moment.  Jade has a soothing calming effect on your entire system. It helps you slow down and act purposefully so that you can make the right decisions at the right time!

I will write later about some more wonderful crystals and how they can help you!  Bur for now I wanted to keep it simple and get this out to you today!  So that as you set your new years intentions, you can access some wonderful crystal warriors, friends, and guides that can help you manifest your desires without compromise!

Oh MY, well with that last statement CITRINE was not going to let me get away without mentioning her.  Citrine is the best stone we have as crystal healers in our tool chest for inspiring people to live their best life.  To manifest their wildest dreams, to go for the gold!  To tap into their inner abundance and watch it effortlessly manifest all around.  Citrine is going to be very important this year as so many of us lost our footing on the worn-out pathways that we have been walking on for so long.  It is going to take concentrated effort to reinvent our lives and citrine (well here it goes now TIGER EYE won't keep quiet!).

YES, Tiger-Eye is miraculous at infusing you with strength, determination, and courage to pounce on the new opportunities no matter how faint the call - it will help you hear it and take small daily action.  Tiger eye shinners in these neat layered bands and often has hematite mixed within it that is super grounding and protecting.

Well much love from me and the crystal kingdom.  If there are any crystals that you want me to write about shoot me an email at [email protected] I do not research what I say, I just say what the stone tells me to say, so it is often unique and hopefully helpful!

Peace and Blessings

The Crystal Woman