Reinvent yourself OFFLINE in 2022

Reinvent yourself OFFLINE in 2022

Great transformational changes are in store for 2022.

Welcome to a fresh start, a brand new year.  The master numbers 2022 holds within its precious code of positive transformation brings the power and potential for cooperation and communication. 

"This is potentially the most successful of all numbers in numerology. It is the most powerful of all numbers and is often called the Master Builder. Master number 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality" Link to article quoted

I am of course fully aware of the state of the dysfunction and dismantling of our entire way of life.  I am choosing to take it all in and to prepare to take care of myself if I will no longer be able to participate in society's comforts.  I think this is a healthy way to deal with covid constraints.  Try not to get depressed, scared, anxious, disconnected, or feeling hopeless trapped, and controlled.  These negative emotions are toxic to your sensitive starlight bodies.

Try instead to understand that humanity has been controlled since the beginning of time and that this is an ancient war that we are winning.  The reason it looks so bad is that the dark forces are throwing everything they can at us to stop us from evolving in love.  They are injecting us with harmful gene-editing software, they are cranking up the radiation, and messing with the natural elements and our very tribal nature by not allowing us to be in each other's physical presence.

This is ok as it is the pathway that is leading us to the most positive timeline.  It was always there but lurking in the background!  Now many many more people have woken up to the reality.  And the most beautiful outcome is that one by one we are saying no and taking our power back.  

2022 is going to be a game-changing year!  It is going to be a year where people make BOLD moves.  Where they may move, quit, leave, and retreat into the privacy of the offline world.  People may start communities, learn how to build and garden, and take care of each other no longer buying into the system programs.

OFFLINE is where real life exists!  It is where we can build uncompromisable health and wealth.  

It may be time to do as I did, move where it's affordable, and start over.  To shed the debt, stress, worry, and discontinue all the exhausting relationships and turn away from the topics that harm your sensitive balance.

Creating peace within sometimes means that you need to leave all you knew behind, and be brave enough to let go of what isn't working - instead of praying it will change one day.

This new year is welcomed by us all, we were tired out by 2 years of covid protocols and the uncertainty of our future.  A lot of us came into 2022 with this shroud of heaviness from so many truths being exposed that are dark and deceitful.  Perhaps you are coming into the year with disappointment in how easy it was to manipulate our family and friends.  That is okay, let yourself feel what you need to feel. 

More than ever I think that we need to tap into the bigger picture.  The system NEEDED TO FALL so that a new benevolent one could rise from its ashes. 

You know that you always have your SoulStar Metaphysical community.  Our staff is tuned in and there to lend a sympathetic understanding ear, and offer wise kind advice. 

Our products are so helpful to maintain a positive attitude, clear out the doubts and help you live in the light and truth of who you really are.

Blessings friends,

The Crystal Woman