Optimal Future in Store for us

Optimal Future in Store for us

We are in the midst of the greatest overthrow of global power that this universe has ever seen! Covid-19 plays an important part to this transpiring.

Optimal Timeline for Humanity & Planet Earth CONFIRMED

Earth Ascension


I learned of this last night, after participating in a powerful spiritual event all weekend, and then another mass peace meditation in the evening.


Earth is ascending, which means it is evolving and transforming into a higher density, which denotes the promise of the golden age. A time where the entire world frequency is shifting into loving kindness, compassion, and goodness. A time where it would be RARE to feel negative emotions, or experience physical hardship.  People would see themselves as part of a healthy living ecosystem, therefore protect the environment and each other.


Earth is committed to this transformation and would prefer to not hurt anyone in the process. Many people around the world have been working to have it effortless and easy where no one gets left behind.


Earths Helpes


We must reject the Deep State plans where massive earth cataclysms kill the majority of humanity. We must reject options where the chosen ones are whisked away in ships while the rest of the people suffer in earth changes. And, we especially must refuse to align with their Luciferianism Agenda! In no way is The Golden Age going to be eclipsed with their darkness.


What are we saying, as some of the most powerful creators in the universe, if we succumb to violent and destructive timelines?


I would say that we have forgotten who we are, and are not in alignment with our source if we are not doing everything in our power to contribute to a peaceful outcome.


Believe me, you are contributing in every moment, in big and small ways. There are no extras alive on earth right now. We are all vital to the evolution. This is the most exciting and pivotal time to be alive in all of the cosmos throughout space and time. Have some faith in yourself for goodness sake!



The Golden Age


Due to the complexity of humanity as a dynamic, unpredictable, multi-dimensional system you can imagine how hard it has been to predict an outcome of this secret war over our future!


There is a predictable pattern right up until the threshold of instability in the system (which is now). Then any ONE PERSON can dictate the direction of which the system rebuilds after the unavoidable collapse.


Clear focus on Love sends out a prayer that is amplified exponentially, which gathers huge positive momentum in the universe. Our divine birthright - Freedom


Clear focus on Hate is only one to one, it does not compound or grow quickly. It is a dark ancient calculated pathway of control and manipulation, not advisable to participate in at any cost.


This is the science of WHY a small group of people meditating in coherency of love and peace does affect thousands of negative people and events.


Love is GREATER then Fear

love is greater then fear


Why is there so much evidence of suffering and negativity then?


Because humanity has chosen to manifest our collective darkness, in order to work through it, embrace it, and evolve beyond it. The only way out is through.


Now we have finished, we have hit rock bottom with Covid19 pandemic, the economic/market destruction, and with the total instability in the weather and “natural disasters.”


Now is the choice point... the exact moment when we get to collectively decide how we want our new story to begin.


Thankfully, due to the work of thousands of dedicated people in the alliance, and the request for the rest of us around the planet to stay home and NOT PANIC it is looking like we are on the optimal timeline.


Right now our very future depends on us just relaxing, meditating and trusting it will all work out. Thankfully so much good is percolating with people enjoying working from home, spending time with their family, doing recreational activities in nature and having time to think and slow down. Thankfully the earth is having a change to heal and rejuvenate without the constant pollution and activity by our global culture.


This covid19 pandemic has taken our attention away from human differences, and placed humanity together on the same side of the war on this virus. Powerful leaders are requesting the end to all war right now. They are also refusing to let their people suffer a total economic meltdown and are working around the clock to get relief funds out to us, and to take away pressures for paying bills.


Please consider that the discomfort you are going through right now is your contribution to pulling off the biggest win we have ever had!


That your loss of income, business, job, lifestyle and self isolation is you throwing your hat in the ring, and saying YES I am willing to help take down the Deep State along side everyone else.


It isn’t too much to ask, to break the global control we have been living under our whole life. And this control has to break.. if we are ever to recreate a free world where things actually start making sense. Where we actually start caring for and helping each other. Where we actually work less, earn more, and create and have fun with each other. Where we end debt and slavery to the economic system, and we demand total disclosure. Where we finally have access to the amazing technology that has been hidden from us… where the medical, energy, and transportation advancements will blow your mind!


Do not fear that your world and life is crumbling, humanity will rise from the ashes and life will be easier and better then ever deemed possible before.


earth angels


Special Note


If you are a sensitive person that has suffered with depression and other mental health issues, this is part of the negative agenda and mind control. Do your best to focus and train your mind on positive things, buy crystals and books and music that raises your frequency. Once you can climb out of that mindset you will be free forever from feeling defeated.  Consider hypnotherapy, gratitude practices, joining groups dedicated to positive ONLY news and stories. Search and look for the good no matter how tiny. Entrain your energy system and take your life back. This is exactly what my store SOULSTAR BOUTIQUE is there for.


Beautiful Artwork is mostly from local artist Autumn Skye. Go here to support her work!

Love and Light

Amanda Delisle - the crystal woman