Winter Solstice 2020

Winter Solstice 2020

2020 is nearly done, lets make the most of it and learn the lesson of balance between the dark and the light.

We have just passed through an incredibly powerful gateway that has afforded us the opportunity to reach into the perfection of all that is, the harmony that exists beyond the dark and the light.  You are far more capable than you realize at holding high frequencies of love, goodness, peace, prosperity, and divinity.  Partly because many of us do not hang around people of higher vibrations, or place ourselves in mystery schools or places of deep integrity and wisdom and light. 

Our time is sucked up with daily activities, worrying about making it to appointments on time, if we remembered our mask, buying food, getting gas, stressing about our relationships to ourselves, our family, our lovers, our children. There is just so much noise with our 3D lives that it is no wonder we are literally living within the most evolved piece of biological organic machinery that the universe has ever conjured up and we barely have time to notice.

I am going to let you know that meditation and yoga and writing and singing and creating is for us all!  It looks different, depending on our time, but even throwing on some healing music to go to sleep to is enough to raise your vibration as you drift off into the dreamtime so you can take advantage of all the energy shifting that takes place while you are sleeping.  A brief vacation from all those millions of little things that suck up your energy while you are awake.

What does all this rambling have to do with the Solstice?  Well, it is time to realize the greatest tool you have for ascension is your body.  You need to find a way to be healthy.  I NEED to find a way to be healthy!  When we reduce the exterior pulls on our attention, love ourselves, tune into our guides, we transmit powerful balancing frequencies into the planet, the universe, and into each other's lives.

It is worth doing what you can - especially right now in the midst of covid mutations, and lockdowns, and so forth to connect to the beam of goodness within your heart, and the heart of the planet, and the heart of your own source from whence you came. 

You may actually be one of the lightworkers alive on this planet right now to change the tide, to be at peace within, and radiate out that peace to others.  One small act of kindness creates a gigantic ripple of good.  And if you can not gather it is okay.  Space is an illusion anyway.  Just do good and play with your own crystals, light your candle, write your poems, sing your songs, paint your pictures.. because when you can allow yourself to be in the flow of that energy, the all that is can use you as a beacon of great light and power for good without you having to really do anything.  

You don't need to take a course, read a book, buy a bowl.  You need to tap into your joy.  Our wonderful metaphysical gifts certainly help you do that, but it is not necessary.  You can talk to a puffy little bird in a tree, or pet someone else's adorable puppy on a pathway to tune into that joy factor just as easily as creating an alter or going to a spiritual conference. 

And all that these past days have done, is open the gateway wider and make it easier to connect to all the goodness that you have within yourself.  Celestial alignments for sure matter, but in the end it is what's inside that counts.