All of our Jewelry is hand picked by myself, and it is all handmade by cottage industry and individual designers. Our jewelry is made with loving powerful intention, and treated with care to ensure that you get a clean lovely piece that will enhance your wardrobe, and your life.. even if just subtlety.

There are several dealers that we buy from, as my store has been open since 1994 and we have specialized in high energy gemstones from the beginning, and artisan made unique pieces.  We want our jewelry makers to get living wages, have wonderful working conditions, and to have their art valued for the magic it brings into your life.

There are some iconic metaphysical silver pendants, that are made overseas and if we carry any of them, it is because we love the importers, and know that they have an ethical network of workers in Thailand, Mexico or India that they specifically know, have met, and know the money is getting to the right collectives.