Your hands are a symbol of prosperity and kindness.  They are a symbol of hard work and dedication.  A persons hands can tell you so much about how the person lives, what crafts they enjoy, are they a gardener or a skilled trade person, are they a painter or a computer programmer??

Choosing the right ring for you should incorporate who you are, what you care about, and also what feels good and will help you protect and amplify your personal power in the world.  Are you just starting a business?? You might need citrine for passion and prosperity in that case.  Are you looking for love and romance?  IF so you might want to buy an emerald ring for commitment or a rose quartz ring for forgiveness and compassion, as we know with love it always starts inside, and radiates out to others we are attracting as partners.  

As far as structure, our rings are amazing.  They are artisan made by some of the top crafts people in the metaphysical industry, so you know you are getting meaningful symbols and designs worked into the energy of the crystal they chose to feature in the ring.