In Store Readers & Healers

Come on in and get a session with Michelle Hebert, CHt, E-RYT
Health and Wellness Intuitive Reader and Healer inside the store!

Mondays and Fridays - 11 AM to 2 PM by APPOINTMENT ONLY

$65 for 30 minutes
$125 for 60 minutes (Cash Only)

Michelle is a very gifted intuitive reader and healer who has over 20 years experience treating patients in the US with chiropractic, mind-body medicine, nutrition, physio, and acupuncture. She has recently become available to see clients in BC via intuitive reading sessions, energy healing, and her certifications in hypnotherapy, sound healing and yoga.

She is highly regarded for her ability to intuitively see the factors and patterns that influence an individual's physical, mental, and emotional state of health and well-being. These factors can include energy and thought patterns stored in the subconscious, family lineage patterning, influences from other energies/ realities/ lifetimes, vows/ promises/ soul contracts, energetic chords, past emotional wounds, as well as physical factors.

She brings kindness, compassion and humour into the sessions and utilizes specific healing techniques with clients that may include channeled messages from loved ones and guides, sound instruments (e.g., crystal bowls), guided imagery, breathing techniques and mudras (hand positions) to enhance the healing process. Call the store today at 250-338-5095 to book an appointment. 

To find out more about Michelle and her mission to bring forth greater peace in individuals, communities and the world, please visit