Wisdom Cards - green ones

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Wisdom Cards are made and designed in Victoria, BC.Ìø_ They are made by Linda Cirella one of our favorite local entrepreneurial woman.Ìø_ She supports her passion for yoga, and shares her love to all of us through these magnificent cards!Ìø_ She lives in Victoria with her family, and is often out enjoying them rather then being tied to the office!Ìø_

Wisdom Cards are super popular for professionals in the healing arts, in counseling, teaching, and on the coffee tables and alters of many a regular folk who are shifting their thinking patterns away from negativity and stress, into peace and internal freedom.Ìø_

Let these cards inspire you, pull one and give it away or keep it for another day.Ìø_ They make great stocking stuffers, they mail out great in cards, they are well appreciated when left for tips at resturants and slipped into letters and posted on letter boards and left in washrooms.. you can be a positive message fairy and brighten someones day!Ìø_

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