January New moon, find comfort in your shadow.

January New moon,  find comfort in your shadow.

Celebrate the darkness, for it casts no shadow from any perceived self. It simply allows you to fully be you, as if no one is watching.

The first new moon of 2020 is set to grace our skys on Jan 24th and it will be the first time this year where we can energetically enter the darkness. As it casts its darkened influence upon our world it brings the gift of absolution of these worldly distractions - giving us the power to shine on our own merit.  External light always casts a shadow, the new moon allows us to effortlessly enter the shadow of our own dreams, to take stock of what is inside.  Do we like what we see?  If yes, what shall we do this month as the moon starts to shine more brightly to enhance these aspects.  If not what are we going to let die, to have a ritual burial so we no longer feel the guilt or burden to keep it alive in our life.  If it is not serving us, love it and let it go.. be it a thought, ideal,person or place.  2020 is all hands on deck, its a go year, it isn't a time of trepidation and stalling... its a new decade, and with this new moon, let yourself be reborn.

Where we can empty entirely out and see what we want to bring into our next month as far as relationships, goals, and personal values. Where had we been swept off track since the new year with all the fullness of activities?  Have you gotten a chance to slow down and take notice of what lays beneath the surface? 

This new moon is giving all of us equal opportunity to start anew and to refresh our dreams and desires. Have you taken the time to meditate, slow yourself, and decide who you are, what you stand for and what is important to you moving forward? If you are intending to have a business this year, who do you want to serve? Why you? What is your unique voice bringing to the table in that particular industry?

I sure wish I learned about personal branding before I opened my business, so I could have acted purposefully.  Spiritually we know we have to look after ourself first, but we often don’t. We run around chasing everyone and helping them, and then we work tirelessly and often thanklessly in our business or job without much thought.  Before we know it another moon cycle is behind us, another astrology sign fading in the background, another year tacked onto our online bio without direction behind our lifetime..

Where did the time go? What did you accomplish? Did you stick fast to your diet, your posting consistency, your art and your love for life, your writing and your gardening… or did it all sort of fade away in the face of your busy work and your responsibilities to your friends and family? 

This year happened to start off with a wolf moon, and wolves are notorious leaders, inspired individualists that look after their pack. Let us draw upon their mentality as we re dedicate our time to learning about ourselves, and how we can really best serve those around us in 2020 from a grounded and powerful position.

Maybe this new moon on the 24th, you can block off a couple hours and get ahead of your schedule, chunk off time for you to sit in the darkness, get comfortable with the unknown, ask your own genius for guidance.  Light a candle, sage your space, and draw upon your own ancient wisdom.  Ritual products help you carve out sacred space to have a deeper relationship with you.

This moon is paired with the divine spirituality of the Aquarius Zodiac on the 21st ushering in this fresh new moon’s enchanting energy. The water bearer is a powerful disrupter air sign with a unique ability to lighten our load. It helps us to dive beneath the surface reality, to process our deepest emotional fears and teach us that there is nothing to be scared of, there is no true limitations except the ones we place on ourselves.

Be prepared to have intensified dreams, and shaken perspectives. Ride the new year energy for as long as you can, let it loosen the hold on your reality enough to see what is and is not serving you. It is a powerful shamanic process of living in vitality, of trusting the natural rhythm and flow of the universe. This is why I am drawn to talk about the moon each month, as I find it lessens anxiety by helping us stay connected to the deeper meaning of life, as the light ebbs and flows in the moon, we can allow the same to be true for our own lives.

It isn’t realistic to be happy 100% of the time, but it is desirable to re-balance back to a state of peace and happiness as we let our sadness, grief, loneliness, worthlessness wane... clearing out the cosmic cobwebs from lives long gone, so that we can fill with the light of the full moon as it surely comes again.. like the high tide.

Blessings, may you find kindness in the depths of your inner spirit this new moon, may you take time out, to be flat out, still, see what is secreted away in the dark mysterious corners of your mind.

Amanda Delisle