Glass Balls

Kitras art glass is Canada’s largest hot glass studio and will be celebrating 30 years of making and bringing their Beautiful ornaments into homes across the world 2018!

Kitras started in 1988 when husband and wife duo, Stephen and Elke Kitras moved to small town Fergus, Ontario. Stephen had just graduated from Sheridan College. He set up a small studio and produced every piece himself, shipping it from their dining room table. After a few years of working the craft show retail market Kitras Art Glass expanded into the wholesale market in 1994. 

In 1999, Elke Kitras passed away from Leukemia. Her vision of celebrating beauty in all parts of life is still the driving factor behind every piece they create and bring to their customers.

Now-a-days, Stephen is still a part of the company, his children have taken a large role in bringing the company forward into a new stage of business. We are proud to remain a family run, made in Canada company with a focus on bringing beautiful glass and gifts into the marketplace.