Beautifully crafted and mystically designed jewelry provides people the opportunity to have wearable art that celebrates your personal belief and practice.  

Designs and themes include the Pentacle, the Triquetra, mythical creatures, the Divine Goddess, Moon Phases, Healing Gemstones & Crystals.  

Our rings are spectacular and sell daily in our shop located downtown Courtenay 5th street, Soul Star Metaphysics previously known as Winds of Change has been a spiritual safe haven since 1994 in this amazingly beautiful Vancouver Island town.  

We sell tasteful earring and pendant sets, or feel free to purchase from a wide variety of gemstone jewelry made by hand from our cottage industry partners.  We are only interested in buying from companies with the upmost respect for their craft and employees, and we love the fact that our customers care about what they are buying in jewelry and want to have a piece that expresses them perfectly.