March Full Moon, Unity Illumination

March Full Moon, Unity Illumination

Put some distance on it! Use this trick to shift your perspective when you're stuck in duality to get you to unity. See yourself standing on the earth, and see the problem, situation, issue, person on the moon. You will easily see that all the apparent decisions between things is an illusion... it is all one thing, like the moon. Bless it, and bring it back close to you.


Full Moon March 9th


March is holding the frequency of the holy triad, it’s the third month of this year and its moons have a powerful potential. Pay attention to numerology, to signs, songs, conversation topics and symbols this month.


"Let the fun of this new day unfold all around you by setting your intention, asking your question, saying your prayer or whatever way you would like to honor it."


Pay attention to just how provided for you are... keep an eye out for the answers.  Listen.  What triple (angel) numbers become visible? Are you seeing animal totems? Did the perfect song come on the radio at just the right moment? Did a phrase pop out at you off a billboard?


Contemplate the fact that the universe is here for you, its on your side, its using its magical powers to draw to you what you deeply desire.


What can the full moon illuminate for you this month? Make it something deeply desired, something so big you can’t possibly pull it off alone, something so complex and meaningful that you need to lay your trust in the hands of the divine.


Remember to ask because so many people don't. 


This is a big issue actually, people not asking for help. They think things they desire are impossible, they don’t dream big enough… they settle for a small life.


Don’t do that! Use this moons powerful light to burn through your inner darkness, pray for strength and clarity, align yourself with the single minded purpose of achieving that “something special”


tripple alignment


Focus on the soul dialogue within. Transmit your desire to the unseen helpers while you align with the brightness of this moon, and get it bravely “off your chest.”


You will never be judged or dumped by your brilliant self, the fullness of who you are never left any of us alone, it is simply packed neatly inside a mini timeless suitcase in our hearts.


"You have everything you need, to accomplish everything you want, now and forever."


Use these moon blogs to get into alignment with the wave of creation. Focus on the brilliance, the beautiful bounty of your being around the full moons… and let this “pressure cooker” of love and light “unearth all that no longer serves you.”


As the new moon effortlessly floats into focus, feel the darkness the void. Let it metabolize all this darkness, the heavy guilt, shame, failure and fear that has been brought to the surface.


Don’t hide any more. We all are in this together.


I love the quote I posted the other day, that smiling doesn’t mean you're happy all the time and your life is perfect… it means you're strong and have faith in yourself and make room to welcome all life to live within you.




The Duality of the Full Moon and the New Moon becomes your  road map back to inner unity.

Experiencing these Lunar phases is a monthly exercise in acceptance. You can observe how it is all you.. the dark and the light.

You are the shadow and the illumination.


Here are some tools that might help you get into alignment during a full moon and facilitate a deep connection with your most powerful, inner self. Depending how you feel each month, you may feel drawn to different tools, that is perfectly fine. We are always seeking balance, and depending on our stress level we might need different tools. 

Here are a few tools helpful during the full moon:


Palo Santo is a beautifully fragrant wood that is from a unique tree which grows in South America. It has been used for centuries in ceremony and the day to day life for cleansing spaces and releasing nervous tension. 

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Use these tea light candles to focus energy into a specific chakra. When you need to strengthen your heart - use the color corresponding with the heart chakra.

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We also have the little ritual candle holders here.

The evil eye amulet - first recorded by the Mesopotamian about 5,000 years ago in cuneiform on clay tablets, the evil eye may actually have originated as early as the Upper Paleolithic age. 

Used for protection from evil this amulet returns any bad intentions back to the one who wished them upon you. 

Beautiful Triple Goddess Moonstone earrings are perfect finish to your ritual preparation. The moonstone is an amplifier specifically connected with the full moon and the symbol of the Triple Goddess provides it's own protection. 

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Sound, just like smoke and fire, is a core part of any ritual or ceremony. This beautiful singing bowl regulates your inner vibration, helping you release unhealthy attachments with intention. 

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"We created this experience of living in duality ourselves. This is your opportunity to learn and connect with your innermost self and reach the wisdom within."


How miraculously perfect is the moon!


We know with every fiber of our being that the moon is one single object, and that it is reflecting the light of the sun back to us on earth. We know that the fullness and the newness reflect the alignment in orbit. We don’t think there are 2 moons… a brilliant white light one and a nearly invisible black one. That would be totally ridiculous wouldn’t it?


Use the moons message to assist you in other areas of your life, particularly with people, and “the way things are” stand back and imagine you are viewing the situation from the earth, and it is on the moon.


"See that the good people and bad people are one person. See that the drought and the flood are one environment. Gain unity consciousness.. this I believe is the ultimate gift of earth life."


Many Blessings,

Amanda Delisle aka The Crystal Woman

...again some images are from this artist