Triloka is well known for being the best smelling natural aromatherapy incense on the market! We have been selling them for over 20 years, and they still sell on a daily basis. They have a wonderful variety of summery scents, and wintery ones, and we usually cycle through the ones that are in season in the brick and mortar store, but who know what we will decide to do online, since you all live in different climates!

All Triloka incense are handmade in India by their fair trade cottage industry partners, meaning that employees of Triloka are not required to go to work in a factory, they get to stay home with their families. This actually makes cottage industries our favorite type of industries to work with, since it lets people maintain a healthy work/family balance.

Their unique formulas are made by the natural Masala method, which is an age-old method that combines sandalwood, herbs, gums, resins, woods and oils into a paste. This paste is then hand-rolled onto fine bamboo sticks and sun dried. ABSOLUTELY NO DIPPING! The company was formed in 1977, and draws on recipes over 150 years old from their own family tradition.

Use your triloka incense simply for the intoxicating smells, to cover up cooking smells, stale closets, or unpleasant odors. Create your own healing rituals for purification and meditation.