Moon Mystery Update, Massive Energy Shift

Moon Mystery Update, Massive Energy Shift

My inner source was more right about the Jan 11th weekend being a massive energy shift then I originally knew. I found supporting evidence studying some astrology and Akashic information this week.

It was the opening of a gateway – a galactic alignment – that marks a 2 year period for humanity to build up positive energy, putting as much resource as we can into building the world we want to see.


The evidence will appear in 2022. 


A lot of folks are struggling with the state of the world as it is, I beg you to look beyond that, its too late if its already manifested... but its not too late for a better future all the same. 


You just need to learn to go within, and manage your energy system... which is what the JAN10-13 weekend was all about on one level, as it is so complex and so multi-faceted I can't speak to it all. 


"We installed a new operating system of sound, light, and colour into the building blocks of all our technology on this planet."  


And through that, we can create massive positive change simply by breathing in love and out love.  Simply by correcting our own perspective every-time it strays to negative and what we don't want... let that go. 


"Focus on the perfection of what is, it is all meant to be."


Bring yourself back into alignment with a greater vision of peace for all beings... challenge yourself to step into UNITY consciousness - together we have the opportunity to create that reality - and it does not take everyone, only a percentage of us, to positively effect the all of us.  The universe has our back friends.


New light energy system


We have been asking to live our dream lives, to see beyond the veils, and I personally believe this 2 year period is a mini sample of that.


"Collectively we have been given permission, or the highest celestial clearance level, to have a more important role at co-creating our reality."


What are you going to do about it? Are you going to seize the opportunity and prioritize you spiritual growth? Are you not only going to make time to shop, eat, exercise, work, but now also meditate?


Meditation gives your soul the chance to integrate with your physical, to positively influence and integrate a lot more of yourself then you currently are giving yourself credit for.


"It is an intimate sharing of breath, a clearing of mind, a rejuvenation therapy, and its free. You have zero excuse to not do it."


peace medtiation


The only way out, is IN.


Inside lies all the answers you are seeking. Inside is where your ultimate freedom, peace, and equality thrive.


And by taking responsibility and developing this aspect of yourself as well as the other very important aspects of living, you are playing your part to make the most out of this 2 year window of time.



Amanda Delisle aka The Crystal Woman

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