About us

Your SoulStar is the chakra above your head that holds your divine records in tact in the 5D, and filters your own guidance to you in the 3D, as you calm and clear your mind to receive the answers you are seeking. 

Your inner being is always guiding you towards your own freedom, alignment, creativity, and true authentic success. Not only for you, but also for the greater good of the all.

Our Vision Statement - Soul Star Metaphysics is the heart of the community, having served the valley for almost 30 years and enjoyed 3 generations of shoppers.

Our Mission Statement - This visionary business, Soul Star Metaphysics, pioneers social change through increasing economic integrity and education/promoting spiritually integrated lifestyles.

Our Culture -  We are industry leaders in the metaphysical field, embracing humanity and encouraging healthy co-existance with earth. Our culture is based on organic mindset fueled by loving kindness. Integrous practices are adopted through aspects of our product selection, employee relations and our high touch customer relations.