Earrings are one of those things that you just love and you buy!  Their look is important and is probably one of the first things a person will notice and compliment you on, because our face is focused on in conversations, and then ohh wait.. what is that sparkly dangly thing on your ears that is grabbing my attention away from your eyes?  LOL. 
Earrings that suit you stay with you for life, and we have a wide variety of hand crafted earrings in the top 5 or 6 gemstones that have the most benefit to your body/mind/soul.  There are some intricate looped silver patterns that are amazing even without crystal energy to boost their power.
A word from one of our suppliers that we love to work with, they are thinking outside the box, and allowing many stores like mine to access their wonderful designs and share in their unique vision.
"Parisa and Steve are a husband and wife team who have been making sterling Jewelry for almost 30 years and they care deeply about the world we are creating and supporting the innovations that will make this a beautiful Crystal Earth for us all! The finest quality sterling silver and natural gemstones jewelry, handmade by some of the world's leading craftsmen, featuring wide collection of symbolic designs and an astounding assortment of rare and popular stones."