Oracle Cards

What is the difference between Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards?  This is the most common question that I get asked. 

Oracle Cards are an intuitive collection of cards on any topic the maker was interested in.  Animals, Angels, Crystals, Ascended Masters.. whatever they want to share wisdom on. There is usually a small book and you are meant to choose one or three cards and then use that card as inspiration to do inquiry work around, or post on your fridge or place on your meditation alter. Oracles are usable by any age and are fun to play with socially over teas or visits with friends. You can take them to the river or use them for personal growth. 

Tarot Cards must follow after the ancient divination system that originated from the playing deck of cards. They always have 4 suits of cards with 1-10 and then the 4 court cards. Then they have 22 major arcana cards... these 22 cards are a journey through your life as you awaken, starting off with 0 THE FOOL where you have blind faith and step off the cliff into the unknown - and ending the journey with 22 THE WORLD where you have a visceral feeling of the interconnections of us all being one.

I would say to buy both, and follow your guidance - I've never bought or seen a deck I never liked.