Sage & More

Smudging is traditionally a ceremony for purifying or cleansing a home from negative entities and a person from negative thoughts. There are four elements involved in a smudge:

  • The container, traditionally a shell representing water, is the first element.
  • The four sacred plants (cedar, sage, sweetgrass, tobacco), gifts from mother earth, represent the second element.
  • The fire produced from lighting the sacred plants represents the third element.
  • The smoke produced from the fire represents air, the fourth element.

Some people do not agree with stores carrying traditional herbs, so for those people, we want to say that our owner has metis roots, and her products are ethically sourced and picked by native persons who collect and dry, and bundle these herbs in the spirit of sharing with others.  No one at the store claims any rites to these sacred medicine origins or traditional uses.  Often it is sold with the directions to tune into your heart and set your intention within your own spiritual beliefs and practices.  Such as - light a white candle to bring in the pure white energy, the light and the love that burns bright in all things!  Then light your sage, and hold it with eyes closed and connect to the medicine spirit of that bundle, offer gratitude to the traditional people who collected it for you to use, and ask for the vibration of love and above to enter your space, and request that all lower frequencies leave immediately. 

I personally feel like this intuitive approach respects everyone's background, and it works.  If people feel drawn to practice shamanism or native practices I do not pretend to know what to tell them and refer them to the IHOS gallery.

These tools are so helpful to SO MANY people that may not know who to contact for them, or how to get them outside of the ability to buy them in a metaphysical shop.  We are deeply sorry if you feel upset about our selling them, and hope you can see the huge benefit in doing our part to help people clear harmful energies for their families, self, and home!