Nothing Perfume

La Parfumerie uses 100% post consumer recycled paper and card stock. They pack our store shipments with used packing materials. They recycle and compost locally. Essential oils are distilled from pure fragrant extracts of plants, flowers and trees. In their natural form, they can be unpredictable and potent. Nothing Perfume starts with these pure oils and combines them with other natural ingredients in a true alchemy that creates gentle perfume oils with exquisite fragrances.

They only believe in cruelty free skin care! All of their products and perfumes contain no alcohol nor are they tested on animals. They use only the highest quality perfume oils and essential oils. By purchasing products from cruelty-free companies, you’ll be helping to end cruel testing on animals.  This is a company you can feel thrilled to support and buy from.  Michael the owner is a master perfumer and they have resisted the urge/trend of getting ANYTHING made overseas to save money!  They live, work, and create their life passion all in their small town in Winnipeg.