In Store Readers & Healers

*** Terry is travelling and will be in the Okanagan area now but we look forward to her returning as a Special Guest Reader and will post the dates when they are available! In the meantime you can call Terry directly for phone readings at 250-899-0218. ***

From Terry:

I am a Canadian-born Spiritualist Medium and teacher, my mother was a Medium so I was already blessed with an openness to the wisdom from Spiritual guides and the masters from spirit, which I am so very grateful for along my journey through life!

I have been in service for over 50 yrs and have many clients, throughout Canada and the USA as well as the United Kingdom! I have been on radio and TV many times over the last 30 yrs and also taught workshops in Canada and the USA! I owned and operated a Metaphysical Store and healing center in the Fraser valley called the Rainbow Connection! My Connection to the spirit world is very strong and led me to help the police, detectives, and search and rescue find the answers they needed at the time!
My love for people has given me the greatest Joys in fulfilling my purpose in life!
I work with the higher realms of light and channel many of the Arcturians and Ascended Masters, both in the non-physical and physical world. When getting a reading with me I don't use any cards or tools other than myself tuning in like a radio station and relaying the information to you from your passed over loved ones along with any messages from your spiritual guides. 

Readings and Healings Available in store only on certain days - please CALL first to avoid disappointment as not all Readers & Healers are available daily for walk-ins or may leave early if it's a slow day for them if they don't have appointments booked. Readings/Healings are in private rooms in the back of the store.  

Please note that all sessions are CASH ONLY as they are not employees of the store and are their own private contractors offering services as a bonus to the stores offerings so the shop debit/credit card terminal isn't available to pay for their services or to take cash out. There is a Scotia Bank and BMO bank near the store that are just a few steps away if you need to take cash out. Thank you for understanding :)