Large Desert Sage Wands

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Desert Sage is a sweet smelling traditional smudge bundle made with the intention of helping you clear away negative energy, entities, feelings, thoughts, ghosts, scary people, and to help you break addictions and harmful relationships where people have hooks into your energy system and you can't seem to break free.

All sage will help you with these things, your intention before - during - and after, the burning of your sage wand will determine how powerful of an experience you have.  If you are a little unsure, its okay, do your best, or perhaps you have a friend or college that would be able to come help you clear your space.

Always start off with a simple prayer, asking for the vibration of LOVE OR HIGHER to enter your space - and that ALL OTHER LOWER FREQUENCY MUST LEAVE NOW.  The frequency of Love is very high, and so entities that are of the light, and people that are spiritual and beneficial and kind will be drawn to you more easier when you use this simple prayer.  You can go to Christie Marie Sheldons website "love and above" for more info on this topic, i love her stuff.

SO you have bought some sage, now what?  Simply get your shell and feather, your matches or lighter.. and light a white tealight and let it burn all the way out, don't blow it out. You are calling in the pure light of the white brotherhood, the ascended masters, Jesus, Buddha, archangel Michael.. whoever you resonate with.  Then you light your sage wand and blow the fire out once it is burning well.  Start by using the sage on yourself, clear your own energy first.  Then anyone else present.  Get under your feet and around your back.. everywhere.  You can have a friend do you first and then do them.

Then you would open a window or door and smudge away all low frequency conversations, thoughts, and beings that are stuck in your place.  They are no longer welcome.  PERIOD.  Remember we have all the power here, not there in the spirit world.  You can set healthy boundaries.  It is your right and responsibility to live in peace with the spirit world.

Once you are done.  Put out the smudge wand.  Then close your widow/door and if you like you can use salt to sprinkle across your threshold to seal in the light.

Now if you bought sweetgrass, lavender, or just some sweet smelling incense.. light that.  Light it and again smudge your aura and imagine and intend all the goodness and sweetness of life, your dreams and desires, your perfect friends, partner, relationship to family, work, play.. imagine it all as you burn the sweetgrass and walk around and smudge your home once more, this time inviting in this goodness.

SO you use SAGE to cleanse and clear away all negativity THEN you use sweetgrass to invite and bring in ALL the GOOD.


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